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Being a dedicated mom and grandma, you might find it challenging to find time to nurture your relationship with God.

As a mom or grandma, you long for some alone, uninterrupted, quiet time with the Lord; but, you sometimes feel it’s impossible. You might be feeling on overload, distracted, overwhelmed, and weary from the sheer amount of responsibilities you carry.

It’s easy to feel your relationship with God just doesn’t have the zeal, intimacy or priority you long for it to have. Perhaps you struggle with balancing your life and you wonder if it will ever change.

Do you feel overwhelmed with family responsibilities?

You might be feeling . . .

» Overwhelmed by the responsibilities you have as a mom or grandma

» Disconnected from people that keep you motivated, encouraged and hungry for God 

» Distracted because of multi-tasking, interruptions and fluctuating circumstances

I know how it feels. 

Ive been where you are. 

As a young Christian mom, I wanted to be the best Christian mom I could be. I wrestled with finding alone time with the Lord, while not taking away from the responsibilities of my family. 

As a grandma, this is where I live right now.  

Sometimes I grow weary from the many different hats I wear and from the many different relationships I attempt to nurture. 

Because I love the Lord and I love families, it’s my greatest joy to help you, mom or grandma, keep the flame of your heart ablaze for God while you serve your family. 

We, moms and grandmas, can benefit so much from the help of each other. 

You Dont Have To Do This Alone. 

Here’s How I Can Help 

Select from individualized coaching sessions, connect in groups or invite me to speak at your church or organization to: 

REGAIyour passion and zeal for the Lord 

CONNECT with other like-minded moms and grandmas 

GROW in your spiritual life 

EXPERIENCE encouragement, support and accountability 

DEVELOP a plan to help you live out your dream  

MAKE a lasting difference in the life of your family 

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